ATRAP executes trading actions within milliseconds based on user`s predefined order conditions referring to upcoming business news.



ATRAP provides a sophisticated method for analyzing and evaluating up-to-the minute financial news thanks to LingRep, a high performance Natural Language Processing technology.



ATRAP only receives and processes financial news released by reliable and well-respected information sources like DOW JONES.

  • "In recent times the world´s top traders had up to 7 seconds to read, interpret and react on a news appropriately. Using ATRAP we are now able to trade on market moving news within milliseconds."- Senior Financial Analyst
  • "Thanks to ATRAP´s parameterisation carried out by the financial expert, the risk of news misinterpretation is nearly eliminated."- Senior Financial Analyst
  • ATRAP is a sniper rifle that every professional financial market participant should use on the hunt for the best trades.- Karin Hodnigg, Product Manager "econob GmbH"